Dr. Mary Blake Huer

I’m Mary, and prefer creativity with artistry sprinkled with bits of philosophy, previously a university scholar,  compassionate for others, and deeply involved in advocacy and inclusion for human rights for people with disabilities. In 2017, I was diagnosed with a serious illness and prepared to die. However, nearly five years later I am very alive and extremely grateful to see life’s joys daily.  I love sharing aspirational and inspirational messages, and want to help you find your own gratitude. Thank you for going along this journey.

If you like the poems within, please visit the sites for a print copy of the book of poetry, a Kindle version, and/or an iBook through Apple.

A House Inside of Me: Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake (2013) by Mary Blake Huer Also, I am pleased to report that effective January 2022 the entire book with actual video/audio readings by Marian is now available online at AHouseInsideOfMe.com for free.

If you want to see Marian read her poetry, simply go to the Table of Contents and look for those poems marked (video) within each section. Enjoy this beloved storyteller, a special lady from a time gone by who transcends all time with her teachings about life and loss. Marian gives us sacred guidance about love, nature, the Church, Heaven, death, social activism, and more, based on more than 60 years as a minister’s wife comforting the people in her life.