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Gratitude Is A Teacher To Moderate Desire

On February 1, 2021, when I pledged to remain in a “State of Gratitude” I did not expect it to be so difficult. I entered this journey intellectually, enjoying all the new reading, and appreciating all the little acts that create happiness and joy in life. Today, eighty-eight (88) postings later, I admit the emotional part of the journey to gratitude is not always easy.

Since I promised to motivate my followers, I observe people on a daily basis to learn what makes people “grateful”. Fortunately, or unfortunately, my informal observations reveal that many people tend to focus on what they do NOT have rather than being grateful for what they DO have. I, too, at times, find myself guilty of this attitude as I will explain below.

As many of you may or may not know, I decided to buy a camper so that I might see the National Parks and visit Waterfalls around the USA. I looked and looked, and planned and finally found a motor home that was my dream! It was brand new. I had to wait an extra five months for it to be delivered during the pandemic, and then when I did receive it, I waited another five months for it to be under repair for warranty services, fixing various unsafe parts and completing manufacturer recalls etc. It turned out to be a lemon and last week I sadly got rid of it. So, for more than one year, I happily had focused on camping adventures, camping furniture, places to go, and my planned dream places. I admit I was extremely involved in the adventure I had dreamed about and, to date, never had experienced. I read all about camping, joined various groups, and was full of anticipation.

But…in reality, before my dream even started, it ended. My dream was over after more than a year of expectations!

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Sacred Gratitude: Social-Cultural Meanings

Gratitude is such a personal emotion. When one considers “gratitude” from a religious perspective, frequently viewers draw referents from their own social systems, cultural experiences, sets of morals, beliefs, ethics, worldviews, faiths, and/or spiritual elements. It seems that we all know what gratitude feels like, but we differ as to how we might explain it to each other.

As for me, I feel pleasure when I achieve a state of gratitude as, even if for a moment, I am removed from the here and now, and am transcended to a point of joy. I feel happy if I may cause gratitude in another person. I am touched to watch others experience gratitude. I am saddened when people can not find gratitude during a particularly difficult time.

I enjoy reading about gratitude. I find peace while studying particular behaviors of gratitude; when viewing specific practices related to gratitude; if learning about cultural systems related to gratitude; during visits to sanctified places; as I visit preserved holy places; and when examining meditation, prayer, music, art, dance, and/or religious or spiritual aspects of human culture.

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I’m Grateful for the Anonymous Man

This guy sits outside several times a day, watches our neighborhood, reminds people about moving their cars on street sweeping days, takes in people’s trash cans after trash day, and visits with everyone walking up and down the street daily. He knows everyone’s name as well as their pet’s names. He even feeds treats to the dogs as they pass by daily. He’s a great neighbor.

He’s a Vietnam Vet who was injured during the war. He was in the Navy. His brother passed away last week. I just wanted to remark what a wonderful fellow he is and I’m glad he is taking care of all of us.

Please make the time to visit with people in your neighborhood. They are interesting folks with a rich history and appreciate just a little bit of your time once in a while. I’m so grateful for Ron-the anonymous man.


#HappyEarthDay – Gratitude for #LaBreaTarPits #LACMA

I finally visited the #LaBreaTarPits in #LosAngeles. They are a link to the #IceAge, up to 50,000 years ago with more than 100 excavations of plants and animals that lived in the L.A. Basin.

The on-site museum is home to one of the largest collections of Ice Age fossils in the world! I am grateful that visiting the Tar Pits is free! There is a small charge for the museum.

What surprised me is that they are #alive still today! That is, crude oil still seeps to the surface through fissures in the Earth, and as the oil evaporates heavy tar or asphalt remains in sticky pools. Fossil fuels continually seep through and emerge in the grass as “oil” on the surface. Thus, you see cones and fenced areas marking the fresh oil that bubbles up constantly, warning visitors to be careful where they step, or let their children play.

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With Deep Gratitude for Another Year of Life

Tomorrow will be my four year health anniversary! I did not expect to see tomorrow. I feel like I am sailing (see exhibit at #LACMA) through the years – oh happy days!

This evening is an important time in my life as it is the eve of my 2017 health discovery that I was dying. On April 21, 2017, I learned I had several serious tumors and had approximately 7 to 9 months to live. It is an interesting feeling to learn you are going to die. It is a joyous emotion to not have died! Thus, the 21st of April on every year is a sacred time to me and I want to express my sincere gratitude on this important annual date with all of you. I do not take this day for granted.

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A Sacred Eve Before the Dawn of Day

#UrbanLight is a landmark in Los Angeles at #LACMA by the artist #ChrisBurden in 2008. It is free!

The lights are from the 1920’s. There is repetition. There are lines of lights like “toy soldiers” lining up. Burden says the lights are “about imagining something”, a “societal responsibility”. What holds the work together? What do you feel when the lights come on at dusk and turn off at dawn? What do you relate to with regard to the repetition of the rows of lights and the on and off of the lights?

Today is the end of the #GeorgeFloyd murder case with the verdict of guilty. During this eve, I wonder what will the societal responsibility be tonight? Will people consider this eve as a sacred time for gratitude and thankfulness; will people consider this eve as a point of anger towards others? What will be the societal impact tonight? The recent mass shootings, the constant violence, the repetitive cycles of killings, court cases, protests, and discussions of racism continue on and off like the 1920’s lamps at the museum. The fear of citizens and communities to travel during the day as well as during the night re-emerges again and again after each act of violence.

This is a sacred eve before the dawn of day. Will people feel #joy, or #happiness, or #gratitude? Time will tell us… tonight when the people reflect will they be imagining something new, a change, hope, or will they not? I do not know how to feel about this sacred eve.


Gratitude for Energy from #LevitatedMass at #LACMA

#MichaelHeizer, the artist, stimulated the imaginations of many in 2012 in #LosAngeles through the #LosAngelesCountyMuseumofArt #LACMA project when he placed a 340 ton granite boulder suspended over a 450 foot long slot carved in the earth. Persons can walk under the rock, around the rock, and next to the rock for FREE.

The rock allows the viewer to experience whatever they want to see and imagine and feel. The artist lets us look under the sculpture which rarely happens for a work of art. I am #grateful for the energy I felt when under the boulder. The energy is contagious to all and is unbelievable while there. Plus, during the following two days after my visit, amazing connections and conversations with others has taken place in my life! I am full of #joy after my visit to this “pebble”.

Below are two videos of the experience of walking the 450 long slot carved in the earth. One is my personal walk. The other video I provide for YOU, empty of all people, so you can imagine only YOU are walking the 450 feet. What do you feel? What is your experience? Enjoy!


#LevitatedMass through the eyes of #MaryBlakeHuer

The next video I provide for YOU, empty of all people, so you can imagine only YOU are walking the 450 feet. What do you feel? What is your experience? Enjoy!

Your private visit to the #LevitatedMass.

A House Inside of Me

How do you acquire your moral values and beliefs? My mother was my teacher. Here is one of our favorite poems she would tell us, “A House Inside of Me”, poetry by Marian Elsie Blake available on (2013). I have deep gratitude for what my mother taught me.

A House Inside of Me (Poem)


When Gratitude Is Enough (Video)

This video explores when gratitude is enough. The text of this posting was released on April 9, 2021 by the title “When Gratitude Is Enough”. Some of you tell me you prefer to listen and see photos versus reading the text, so some of my posts are provided in two different formats for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. Expressing gratitude through your different senses provides a variety of experiences for your reflection. Enjoy!


The categories for each posting were defined in my February 28, 2021 posting titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

When gratitude is enough.