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I’m So Grateful for Pumpkin. It Healed Me!

For the past two days I could not keep anything in my stomach. I vomited everything I ate multiple times. It was horrible. My mom’s friend suggested I should eat pumpkin so I did. First, I started with a simple teaspoon, then a tablespoon, then I mixed pumpkin with a bit of food, and a bit more. Yeah….. I am so grateful for pumpkin. It healed my stomach. With gratitude… Thank you pumpkin!


Such Joy From Baby Animals

Last week I had the opportunity to observe parents and children feeding and petting baby animals. I wondered why baby animals give us such joy when we watch them run and play, so I did a little searching to try to answer my question: Why are baby animals so cute?

I actually found sites, and, to explain “cuteness”. Apparently, we are drawn to baby animals’ big eyes, large heads, small faces, squat limbs, soft skin, funny gaits, and playful behavior as they learn to walk, and eat, and explore their new worlds. There is a scheme, called the “baby schema” which explains why we feel such positive emotions when looking at baby animals.

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Gratitude For Good Veterinarians

Recently, a little dog my human mother was trying to help was boarded at a Vet for several weeks. Apparently, he got a terrible parasite while boarded and nearly died. Because of her experience, my mom started to search good Vets and bad Vets for me just like she searches for good and bad doctors, medical centers, etc. for herself. She is much more careful now with me and my care and I am grateful to learn that if I need medical care, I will go to a good Vet.

Vets must have lots of university training and degrees to practice, but that does not mean they will be a good Vet. My human mother recently found this on google:

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Grateful But Horrified That I Learned About Animal Rights

Recently I watched my mother help a little Yorkie named Mickey. He was nearly killed because his human mother got sick, then he got a terrible parasite from a Vet, most likely, while he was boarded there. Fortunately, he was rescued by the Yorkie Rescue of America and rushed to an animal care hospital, placed in urgent critical care for a week and lived.

My human mother started to read all the various laws in different States about Animal Rights. Recently, she found a posting on Google (from June 5, 2017) that stated “according to law, dogs are property, making them no legally different from furniture or other items in your home”. This is just terrible news to me! I am sooooo lucky to have a human mom who treats me well and takes care of me. It seems that other dogs may not be so lucky.

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This Doggie Was Knock, Knock, Knocking At Death’s Door Three Times

This video captures the last month of a little Yorkie rescue named Mickey who nearly died, but is alive because of the assistance of several people in his life who cared enough to help him (#YorkieRescueofAmerica). It is the third in a series of postings about Mickey and has prompted further postings about animal rights and pets in the USA.

Links to the earlier postings may be found below, but in brief, the first posting is about an owner’s love for her pet when she becomes very ill. What does one do when faced with life and death yourself?

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Please Help Make A Miracle For Mickey

You may remember my post about love and a dog recently in (How May I Capture Love in One Post?). Today I am pleading for your help for this little dog who is now in an intensive care unit (CCU) in a pet hospital (VCA) in Los Angeles. There has been a truly terrible turn of events in the past week.

My new little friend Mickey has now not only lost his dear human mama, as well as the only home he ever knew, but he may very well lose his own life because of a wicked parasite he contracted while being cared for, an unforeseen tragedy within this already sad story. Do any of us realize the extent to which cancer, or any serious illness, causes havoc not only on the person involved but on their spouse, family, and even on their pets? I am sad to admit that I never thought about this until recently.

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When Gratitude Is Enough (Video)

This video explores when gratitude is enough. The text of this posting was released on April 9, 2021 by the title “When Gratitude Is Enough”. Some of you tell me you prefer to listen and see photos versus reading the text, so some of my posts are provided in two different formats for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. Expressing gratitude through your different senses provides a variety of experiences for your reflection. Enjoy!


The categories for each posting were defined in my February 28, 2021 posting titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

When gratitude is enough.

When Gratitude Is Enough

I found this phrase at the car wash this morning. It made me think…

When is Gratitude enough? What is it we are all searching for? Today I thought we might make a list of topics and/or events that give people “joy”, so I asked people around me to help:

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Attention: I Had An Oops!

Many of you may remember me speaking to you in my posting on “Maybe the Best Dog Day Ever – Yum!”, and also all the photos in the posting on March 7, 2021. This was my example of pure dog gratitude when my mom gave me a beef rib! Well, I am sorry to report that when she gave me another beef rib this week, I chewed on it so enthusiastically that I ended up in my Vet’s office!

In this posting, let me give a WARNING to all little dogs. I learned the hard way.

I chewed on that beef rib so happily that I injured my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, and my entire upper body!

I cried when I barked. I cried when I walked. I stumbled in circles as I could not get comfortable for hours. My mom was afraid I had a piece of bone stuck in my neck.

The Vet checked me for neurological damage. I feel lucky today and want to tell you what I learned at the Vet.

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Horses and Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing It is like Wrapping a Present and Not Giving It!

William Arthur Ward

I look around. I listen to people on the phone. I am aware of conversations around me and on TV, and I recognize that we have pandemic fatigue. We are tired of being masked, locked up, limited in going out, eating, seeing friends and family, and experiencing life as we knew it. I am increasingly observing the frustration, sadness, fear, loneliness, loss of joy, anxiety, and weariness of people near me.

Through these posts, I am striving to provide a brief moment of escape from “the crap” of the day. I picked the horse photo and quote above to provide variety to switch our focus to horses.

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