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Love The Day You’re In!

I am watching the Nor’easter storm along the East Coast of North America today with projections of heavy snow and dangerous winds that will probably knock out power and cause flooding. Yet, I look out the window to see a soft blanket of beautiful fresh white snow covering my yard furniture. I have mixed feelings this day. Should I feel angry at the disruption that the snow may cause? Should I appreciate the quiet gentle cover before the storm ruins my day?

As I look at the window in the calm of day my memories flash back to the fun times I have had on my patio on those chairs at my table. Being a positive person, choosing to live in a State of Gratitude, as possible, I feel happy to see the untouched snow. I also feel fortunate to have so many good memories on that furniture under this snowfall.

I feel so grateful for each season, the good and the bad days within each season, and, most importantly, the memories I recall and share during each session with the people I love. Have gratitude today, and love the day you’re in!


Grateful For the People in My Neighborhood

Remember Mr. Fred Rogers’ Neighborhood, the television show? This morning I felt like Mr. Rogers in my own neighborhood. I like to walk my dog around the Outlets where I live. Seems we have all been locked inside more than usual as we wait for the virus to go away and let us get our lives back to normal. I forced myself to get outside finally.

Today when I ventured outside for my typical morning walk, I noted that so many people greeted me! Seems we all missed speaking with each other, and exchanging brief stories or waves during the early morning hours. The staff at my local Starbucks came outside to say “good morning” to me as I waved at them through the window while passing by. The individual with his blower who works for the landscaping company stopped blowing the shrubs and trees, and ornamental flowers two times as I passed by. We each smiled and waved as we typically do each morning. While I have never talked with him, we always nod and wave as we pass by during the early morning, quiet hours in the Outlets. It felt so nice to see and greet everyone again. It seemed that we had missed each other during the recent months.

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Grateful to Share My Mother’s Wisdom Through Video/Audio with You

I am pleased to share my mother’s wisdom (for free) with all of you. Since 2013 my mother’s words have been available in print in a book, in print on Kindle, and through an Apple iBook, under the title, A House Inside of Me, see Amazon. Over this winter holiday I was finally able to transfer actual video/audio files online, and place the entire book on

My mother was a beloved storyteller, a special lady from a time gone by to transcend all time. As a minister’s wife for over 60 years, she was often called to speak at dedications, funerals, births, celebrations of life, Sunday morning services, weddings and more as she brought peace and calm to people often in pain or suffering. Marian Elsie Blake offered sacred guidance for parents, families, churches, ministers, and strangers about Heaven, death, nature, love, family, social activism, and more. I frequently share her messages on Facebook to individuals who have lost a loved one. People seem to be drawn to her messages and poetry as they offer wisdom and appropriate words to individuals during a time of stress, pain, sadness, or celebration during life.

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Gratitude For Blind Crests

There is a street in Laguna Beach, CA that feels like you are driving straight up, or straight down! For the first couple of times driving on this street I think about my poor visibility, the brakes on the car, other cars in front or behind, and caution. A street sign warns of “Blind Crest”. I feel a mixture of thrill and dread on this street.

As we continue into the New Year 2022, this particular street becomes my teacher: How should I greet the goal of “living in a State of Gratitude”? Sometimes it feels like my objectives are not visible to me. Am I

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Grateful For Anticipation of New Beginnings

We are now in the New Year of 2022. I always find it exciting to begin something new. I love the earliest parts of each day with the glow of the morning sunrise and the quiet across the land. The photo I selected for this post is from the JFK airport in New York City – an east coast sunrise which I typically never get to witness. My son and I saw a Broadway Show that had been repeatedly rebooked due to Covid and the shutdowns of travel and large gatherings of people. We left the mild climate of Southern CA and went directly into snow and ice and cold. I felt like I was in a ghost town and only the beauty of this sunrise warmed me.

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