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I’m Grateful For Serendipity And Synchronicity in Life

Today was a great day. I picked up business cards I had made for and as I was leaving Office Depot with the cards, the very clerk who helped me asked if I liked my cards, and I said “yes” and I wanted to give her my first business card! She accepted my simple gift of the card to her. She exclaimed how negative sometimes life seems to be these days, and appeared so happy to see the positivity from the name of my site. I felt happy that she became happy when she saw the word “gratitude”. It’s a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling to make people happy. She said she was going to “check it out”! For those of us who post, it is always nice when someone reads what we write. We do sincerely appreciate the time you give to us.

Later I had my blood drawn for labs I need for my doctor’s visits next week, and I thanked the nurse who did a good job with a pediatric needle by handing her my business card with GratitudeSquared. She also had the same response as the clerk in Office Depot. It seems that people are nearly depressed by their jobs, and a brief moment of “gratitude” is just the medicine they need. In fact, I took a photo while at the Quest lab today. See the photo below. As I was waiting in the Quest lab, I wondered why in the world they would have to post on their office door about guns! How the world seems to be changing these days!

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Gratitude For Thinking, Learning, And Experiencing

Last night I had my first “Sound Bath”! I attended because I love to learn about various perspectives on healing and wellness. When we started it was noted that the frequency of 432 Hertz would be emphasized. I made a note on my cell phone for later study. I studied “acoustics of sound” during my Ph.D. coursework, so my curiosity was ignited.

This morning I googled 432 Hertz to learn the significance. Apparently, this frequency is believed to be a healing frequency as it reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressures, and lowers heart rate. Further, as I read various studies to verify the accuracy of this statement, I I learned the term “solfeggio” frequency. According to the Nature Healing

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Gratitude Is An Emotion Causing One To Give

Currently I have so many people around me who are seriously ill: a dear friend with blood cancer, and large masses throughout all the organs in her chest; a relative about to have a permanent peg feeding tube (never to eat or drink by mouth again); a friend about to have a double mastectomy; a relative needing to repair a cleft palate again so he may eat normally; and so it goes with so many various and differing health problems. My reaction to each of these individuals is “what might I do to help you?” “What might I say to provide support and encouragement to you?” Personally, I am not sure that I have the proper background and knowledge to offer help, yet they contact me regularly so perhaps my “listening” to their fears and anxieties is of some assistance.

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Gratitude For Exploring Energy in Neuroscience

Today I was listening to a Webinar with Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Kristen Willeumier and Dr. Peter Cummings as I was riding my stationary bike. The topic was on The Brain…neuroscience..offering actionable strategies to live a more healthy, balanced life… I love Dr. Bush’s talks!

The Drs. were focusing on the energy within our brains, our minds, our consciousness, and learning to control our emotions and responses to events in our lives… I started riding my bike as I listened. I was also thinking about a posting about being a good listener to others…

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Gratitude Energizes (Audio)

This posting is an audio recording of the text of the post by the same title on May 7, 2021. To listen to the conversation regarding sharing stories of gratitude please go to the You tube under “gratitudesquared” and listen to the video titled “Gratitude Energizes”.

Thank you for following these postings.


Gratitude Energizes

This gratitude blog apparently is energizing, giving vitality, and generating enthusiasm for all of us as we continue to share and exchange stories of our own gratitudes. I love these frequent experiences with you!

On May 3, 2021, I received several different texts, comments, messengers, and phone calls from you expressing your own gratitude stories, particular to your life. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your positivity and your time to follow along this pathway to gratitude. That evening, I reflected on what triggered your desires to share your own stories. What might have been your motivations? Why are these postings meaningful to you? While I can not explain what prompts you to read my thoughts, or stimulates you to reflect upon your own personal experiences, I would like to share my initial conclusions to see if you agree.

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Gratitude for Energy from #LevitatedMass at #LACMA

#MichaelHeizer, the artist, stimulated the imaginations of many in 2012 in #LosAngeles through the #LosAngelesCountyMuseumofArt #LACMA project when he placed a 340 ton granite boulder suspended over a 450 foot long slot carved in the earth. Persons can walk under the rock, around the rock, and next to the rock for FREE.

The rock allows the viewer to experience whatever they want to see and imagine and feel. The artist lets us look under the sculpture which rarely happens for a work of art. I am #grateful for the energy I felt when under the boulder. The energy is contagious to all and is unbelievable while there. Plus, during the following two days after my visit, amazing connections and conversations with others has taken place in my life! I am full of #joy after my visit to this “pebble”.

Below are two videos of the experience of walking the 450 long slot carved in the earth. One is my personal walk. The other video I provide for YOU, empty of all people, so you can imagine only YOU are walking the 450 feet. What do you feel? What is your experience? Enjoy!


#LevitatedMass through the eyes of #MaryBlakeHuer

The next video I provide for YOU, empty of all people, so you can imagine only YOU are walking the 450 feet. What do you feel? What is your experience? Enjoy!

Your private visit to the #LevitatedMass.

Through Gratitude Expand

Last year I made a YouTube video titled “Through” on my YouTube Channel, Aspiring through healing to health and wellness, and learned the mighty power of one little word “THROUGH“. I had forgotten about that video until this morning when I came across an article titled, “9 Eye-Opening Ways to Expand Your Empathy and Gratitude” by Chris Holder. Hence, I am reminded of the power of words and when attached to images, change is amazingly possible. Through our words and images, especially on social media today, we motivate others to action.

Dr. Holder describes 9 actions we may each choose to keep us in a “State of Grace”. When I got to his number 4, I paused:

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Spiritual Practice of Gratitude Why?

You might ask, Why practice gratitude? The disciplined focus on gratitude should not be approached from the perspective of “what’s in it for me?”, but rather, consider what fills your own heart so that you are moved to attend to and appreciate events in your life in new ways.

Gratitude is a fullness of heart that moves you from limitation and fear to expansion and love. When you’re appreciating something, your ego moves out of the way. You can’t have your attention on ego and gratitude at the same time.

Deepak Chopra
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