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Gratitude for My Sister

This video shares my gratitude for my younger sister who passed away 17 years ago today. She was only 46 years old and was an exceptional woman whose life was cut short from illness. #RememberMeLullaby from #CoCo #DisneySingAlongs #DisneyMusicVEVO


Gratitude for Seasons of Life

This posting reminds us to celebrate all seasons of life, but especially our elderly family members and neighbors as they may not be with us tomorrow. Personal stories highlight special moments between senior couples and also focus on the musical talents of many of our parents. Have gratitude for your older family members.


Gratitude for Mothers of Special Children

Mothers of special children are amazing. This posting focuses on one mother of an autistic child who was often disruptive to the family. The awesome mother would sing to her daughter to calm her and to try to teach her. When her daughter was good she would sing “You Are My Sunshine”. When her daughter was having a bad day, the mother would sing “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus”. This posting focuses on the lyrics from both songs and reminds us to have gratitude for the good as well as the bad times in life. Especially during the pandemic, the words to the songs offer lessons to us all.


How To Find Gratitude Around You

We have just finished 15 months of the pandemic and finally we are able to take off our masks and begin to return to our normal lives. People are stressed and tired of being restricted. This video encourages you to stay positive and to find gratitude around you daily. Reset your life!


Gratitude Energizes (Audio)

This posting is an audio recording of the text of the post by the same title on May 7, 2021. To listen to the conversation regarding sharing stories of gratitude please go to the You tube under “gratitudesquared” and listen to the video titled “Gratitude Energizes”.

Thank you for following these postings.


Gratitude Energizes

This gratitude blog apparently is energizing, giving vitality, and generating enthusiasm for all of us as we continue to share and exchange stories of our own gratitudes. I love these frequent experiences with you!

On May 3, 2021, I received several different texts, comments, messengers, and phone calls from you expressing your own gratitude stories, particular to your life. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your positivity and your time to follow along this pathway to gratitude. That evening, I reflected on what triggered your desires to share your own stories. What might have been your motivations? Why are these postings meaningful to you? While I can not explain what prompts you to read my thoughts, or stimulates you to reflect upon your own personal experiences, I would like to share my initial conclusions to see if you agree.

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