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This Doggie Was Knock, Knock, Knocking At Death’s Door Three Times

This video captures the last month of a little Yorkie rescue named Mickey who nearly died, but is alive because of the assistance of several people in his life who cared enough to help him (#YorkieRescueofAmerica). It is the third in a series of postings about Mickey and has prompted further postings about animal rights and pets in the USA.

Links to the earlier postings may be found below, but in brief, the first posting is about an owner’s love for her pet when she becomes very ill. What does one do when faced with life and death yourself?

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Grateful For Seasonal Delights of Autumn And Fall

I love the Autumn and Fall Season and unfortunately it is already about over again this year. The colors are beautiful as the leaves change. The air smells fresh and crisp, especially in the early mornings and evenings. The seasonal foods like pumpkin and spices and soups and breads remind me of years past with family. The holiday seasons begin with Halloween and move to Thanksgiving as winter approaches. It is just a fun time of year, e.g., hayrides, ghosts, haunted houses, even raking leaves, playing in the leaf piles, and more.

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Please Help Make A Miracle For Mickey

You may remember my post about love and a dog recently in (How May I Capture Love in One Post?). Today I am pleading for your help for this little dog who is now in an intensive care unit (CCU) in a pet hospital (VCA) in Los Angeles. There has been a truly terrible turn of events in the past week.

My new little friend Mickey has now not only lost his dear human mama, as well as the only home he ever knew, but he may very well lose his own life because of a wicked parasite he contracted while being cared for, an unforeseen tragedy within this already sad story. Do any of us realize the extent to which cancer, or any serious illness, causes havoc not only on the person involved but on their spouse, family, and even on their pets? I am sad to admit that I never thought about this until recently.

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How May I Capture “Love” In One Post?

Thirteen year old Mickey is at the center of a grand love story this weekend. His mommy unfortunately has been visited by an aggressive breast cancer once again. Can any of you imagine the trauma of a double mastectomy, the planned potential damage to your heart from radiation and/or chemo, and then (on top of it all) the depth of pain to have to make a decision about the future of your best little doggie friend in the whole world? My friend Sherry is currently in the midst of this wicked storm of life. What would any of you do?

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