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Looking For Gratitude

In April 2021, times are trying. The pandemic continues to kill people, but not as many since the vaccine is available. Families are hoping for their children to return to school, or at least more normal types of activities for high school graduations, applications for college, or socializing with other children. Families wish to plan weddings, be with their elderly parents who are in the hospitals, and, sadly attend funerals of their loved ones. People are tired of the lock downs. People want life to go back to the old normal.

President Biden and other leaders are working on a national infrastructure plan to help communities with roads, bridges, buildings, and other structural improvements which appear neglected recently. Such national objectives would help improve the economy by helping the unemployed get jobs. Politically the Democrats and Republicans still differ more than agree on almost all issues.

Culturally, Black Lives Matters advocates are focused on the trial of the officer that sat on George Floyd’s neck, and Asian-American hate crimes are on the increase. Some members within the White community are still frustrated, as evidenced by the January 6, 2021 march on the Capital of the USA. So, my thoughts for today direct us to ask:

How do I find gratitude when the world around me seems to be unstable and ever changing?

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A Sacred Time for Gratitude

On this weekend I am reflecting on life and death, on sorrow and joy (see my March 4, 2021 posting: Gratitude: May Be a Complex Blend of Sorrow and Joy). It is the Jewish time of Passover, the Christian time of Palm Sunday, and the first day of Holy Week. And, of course, we continue to be in the middle of a global pandemic.This is a time for reflecting back in time, and appreciating this day, as well as the future. It is a time to reflect on life!

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Is Gratitude Random or Purposeful? (Audio)

Are you a beginner on your journey to Gratitude? Explore your options to purposefully choose #gratitude, and/or to experience the unexpected and unknown.

Explore #ScottDinsmore 29 ways to show gratitude at

Be a #gratitudeexpresser

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What Are You Waiting For? (Video)

We wait, we dream, we plan, but we need to “seize the day”! Be courageous. Make memories. Maybe we need to follow the example of surfers who wait for just the right wave to ride on into life. A similar concept was described in text on a posting of February 21, 2021, also titled “What Are You Waiting For?

This posting is classified as #gratitudezero, following the categories described in the February 28, 2021 post titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

Enjoy the sites and sounds of the surf as you “Seize the Day”, “Seize Your Day” and make memories for which you will be grateful!

What Are Your Waiting For?

This Is Not Goodbye My Dear – Remembering More Than 500,000 Deaths (Audio Poetry)

The global pandemic has taken so many precious lives in the USA as well as around the globe. On February 22, 2021, I provided the text of one of my mother’s poems “This is Not Goodbye My Dear” as a moment of silence to remember each of those individuals as well as their families who have died. This poem is classified as #GratitudeLite according to a post on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

My mother was a minister too and wrote many comforting poems for members in her churches. For other poems to honor and remember your loved ones, please see a reference to her poetry below. Peace be with you on this day and always, March 24, 2021.

Huer, M.B. (2013). This is Not Goodbye My Dear,  A House Inside of Me Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake. Huer LLC, pp. 104-105.

A House Inside of Me is available on

The entire book of poetry is now available for free on

This Is Not Goodbye My Dear – Poem by Marian Elsie Blake

Gratitude Circles – Audio

By February 17, 2021 was taking off! People were talking. People were excited. Gratitude Circles were forming. This posting, only one month later, is classified as #GratitudeLite following a classification system posted on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra. Many older persons can no longer read. Many persons with various disabling conditions do not read. Busy people like to listen “on the go”. Mary has recorded some of her postings for such people. It is truly a different experience to read about gratitude than to listen to gratitude expressed. People like both formats to stimulate their senses. Enjoy this audio version of the text that was first shared on February 17, 2021, titled Gratitude Circles.

Gratitude Circles

When Life Feels Like a Maze – Dog Video

During the winter of 2021, Indiana had a lot of snow. Rather than see the snow as blocking the day, Dan had some fun designing a maze for his dogs. This post is classified as #gratitudezero following the categories posted on February 28, 2021 in a post titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, and Gratitude Ultra. I hope this video brings you JOY!

When Life Feels Like a Maze – Dog Video

Nature Gives Us Joy and a Forest Bathing Soak

I offer this post during the wintertime for any person suffering from a Nature Deficit Disorder caused by a dark, gloomy, cold, chilling winter in some parts of the country. This gratitude post is categorized as #gratitudeultra following the classifications I described in a post on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra.

Nature Gives Us Joy and a Forest Bathing Soak

How Did I Get to Gratitude? My Audio Story

This is my story of my journey to gratitude. I classify it as #gratitudelite according to a posting on February 28, 2021 titled, Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra. You will learn that initially I started a You Tube Channel now titled, GratitudeSquared & Aspiring Thru Healing to Health. Later I began to blog about Gratitude because I am healthy after a very serious illness. Enjoy the audio/video now. This video is offered for persons who do not like to read or who are on the go, or have disabling conditions and enjoy listening to information.

How Did I Get to Gratitude?