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Gratitude For Waves In Life

Life is never constant. There are ups and downs, highs and lows throughout life. We are grateful for the highs and generally suffer during the lows. Accepting that life is never constant helps us practice gratitude for all of life.

Enjoy the following visual presentation of ocean waves, symbolic of waves in life.


Grateful To Reflect on Police Action

I am not a political person. I watch the news and try to be informed about current issues but I do not write letters to the editor, or protest in the streets etc. To me it is important to have peace and calm and live as stress free as possible (due to past health issues). But today I had an interesting experience that I invite all of you to reflect upon: I had an encounter with a policeman. I can only remember speaking with a policeman one or two times in my life, so this was a rare encounter for me.

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Gratitude To My Followers

With this posting I wish to express heartfelt appreciation for my followers. Having individuals give me a bit of their time is such an honor I invite each one of you to reflect with me for a moment right now. I considered “WHY?” do people choose to follow me?

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Gratitude for Kindness by People

As I have the time to people watch, I enjoy observing others. I make mental notes of so many kind actions by people to each other unexpectedly. For example, today I went to an auto parts store to get a couple of items. One item was in the store and the other would be delivered from a nearby store within a couple of hours. When I returned to pick up the second item, it had not been delivered. The salesman asked if I could wait 15 minutes while someone went to the other store to bring the item to me. I was so touched that he would do this kind act for a total stranger. I explained that I would wait till tomorrow as I was not in a hurry. I wondered how many customers would become angry and create some drama in the store over one item. What impressed me most was this gentleman’s work ethic during this time of the pandemic and when it is so difficult to hire people to work. It seemed unnecessary that I would insist on getting the item today. I can wait.

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Gratitude For Exploring Energy in Neuroscience

Today I was listening to a Webinar with Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Kristen Willeumier and Dr. Peter Cummings as I was riding my stationary bike. The topic was on The Brain…neuroscience..offering actionable strategies to live a more healthy, balanced life… I love Dr. Bush’s talks!

The Drs. were focusing on the energy within our brains, our minds, our consciousness, and learning to control our emotions and responses to events in our lives… I started riding my bike as I listened. I was also thinking about a posting about being a good listener to others…

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Gratitude For Friendships

The older I am, the more I value my friendships past and present. Friends help to reduce stress and create better health and improve one’s outlook on life. Friends are helpful when one deals with loss due to death or job loss, or health problems or trauma such as divorce or illness.

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Gratitude For Effective Listening

I am an introvert and have been all my life. My energy is drawn from reflection from deep within. As I was forced to retire due to a serious illness, I have the leisure time now that I did not have before. What I am noticing is that people need to talk and share, and because I have more time than many people who are still working, I have the time to listen to people who reach out to me.

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