Impermanence. This Too Shall Pass.

My son gave me a cute little pocket gratitude journal from Pockitudes. It was perfect timing for his gift because this last week of February 2021seems full of strife: women in my local book club are stressed, the warranty for my new touring coach seems to be worthless, and my little Cockapoo had to go to the Vet. It seemed really hard to express joy and gratitude to you today! Thankfully, I found something to tell you!

In the Reflections section of my pocket journal it said, “When we pay attention, the impermanence of all things comes alive, and we remember to be grateful”! Wow. Read it again…

This is all going to go away! It is not permanent! Oh Happy Day…. I look forward to tomorrow.

While I begin this morning feeling like these two dark shadowy figures….

When all the world feels dark, remember “this too shall pass”.

Look at my next shadowy figure photo, which gives me hope. Lift up your eyes. Look forward down the pier to a full, thriving, beautiful life ahead, and understand that although today you may feel down, stop those negative thoughts right now! In other words, for at least one moment, put your problems behind you.

Gratitude is the life preserver that keeps us afloat long enough until happy circles back again.

By the way, my little doggie is fine again. He just watches we humans and wonders what we are gonna do next so he can settle down and take another nap.

My dog looks out the back, and looks forward as well. Why are you stressed mom?

This is all going to go away! It is not permanent! Have a Happy Day!

This is #gratitudeultra. See the post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of gratitude categories.

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