When Gratitude Is Hard

Today was a great day. Finally, some mechanical problems were resolved – after months of waiting and hoping. The stress of four months is leaving my body.

Some days you have to focus on what is good in spite of the bad around you.

Some days finding gratitude is hard.

In my post, “Impermanence. This Too Shall Pass”, I mentioned my little pocket gratitude journal from Pockitudes. There are four sections to complete daily:

I’m grateful for…

Why I’m grateful...

Today’s act of kindness… and


Frederic Terral, the Founder of Pockitude calls Pockitude an “attitude”. “It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s a gift to be alive.”

Gratitude is not about denying the difficult things, or ignoring what’s true in the moment. It’s finding our way to relief in the midst of chaos. It’s allowing the body to release emotions.”

Frederic Terral, Founder of Pockitude

There are many suggestions for practicing gratitude, and through these various activities you “feel” the “release” from the chaos and bad around you:



unplugging from cell phones, computer, tv, electronics, social media

nature bathing (going outside), gratitude soaks

laughing, playing, smiling, being silly

forgiving yourself and others

resting, getting a good night’s sleep, drinking plenty of water, eating slowly, healthy foods

exercising and moving your body

spending time with others, or alone, as needed for your own senses

grounding (think nature, waterfalls, gardening, hiking, camping)

Today I need to practice “grounding”. I need to go outside and see a beautiful sunset, smell the fresh air, listen to the birds, focus on my breathing, and feel my bare feet on the grass. The place I selected for my “grounding” today is a sunset in Westfield, Indiana (see photo). When I “ground” I find “gratitude”, I take care of myself “in the most loving and compassionate way” (Terral).

For a brief few minutes, I am counting my breaths (inhale deeply, and exhale slowly)… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven…. triggering a calming response in this moment.

Ground Yourself As Necessary Today….

This is #gratitudelite. See the post on February 28, 2021 for a definition of the gratitude categories.

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