Grateful For Artists In Our Life

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Laguna Beach, CA Annual Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art and Craft Festival. For over 30 years approximately 200 artists have shared their arts, culture and passion with the public to create a winter fantasy. They have baby animals to pet and feed, musical groups playing live music, glass artists blowing beautiful glass creations, jewelers, painters, woodworkers, potters, beautiful hats and garment creations, a marionette show, nutcrackers walking around, visits with Santa, and many more handmade treasures and gifts. It was simply a magical, uplifting, fun, enchanting day.

It seems too often that we get busy with our jobs, family responsibilities, social medias, politics, medical issues, financial challenges, time constraints, and the other many issues with life that we forget to play! This is why we need “art” in our life!

Artists pull and push us to new dimensions in our imaginations. Artists help us find joy and relax, and appreciate beauty, performance, color, and art. I love the arts and I am so grateful for the artists in our life! I hope you enjoy artists as well, and I hope you will take a moment to pause with the photos from the Sawdust Winter Fantasy below.


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