Grateful For the People in My Neighborhood

Remember Mr. Fred Rogers’ Neighborhood, the television show? This morning I felt like Mr. Rogers in my own neighborhood. I like to walk my dog around the Outlets where I live. Seems we have all been locked inside more than usual as we wait for the virus to go away and let us get our lives back to normal. I forced myself to get outside finally.

Today when I ventured outside for my typical morning walk, I noted that so many people greeted me! Seems we all missed speaking with each other, and exchanging brief stories or waves during the early morning hours. The staff at my local Starbucks came outside to say “good morning” to me as I waved at them through the window while passing by. The individual with his blower who works for the landscaping company stopped blowing the shrubs and trees, and ornamental flowers two times as I passed by. We each smiled and waved as we typically do each morning. While I have never talked with him, we always nod and wave as we pass by during the early morning, quiet hours in the Outlets. It felt so nice to see and greet everyone again. It seemed that we had missed each other during the recent months.

Even on my block as I parked my car, my neighbors smiled and greeted me, and exchanged small talk.

What a great morning I had with people who are familiar strangers!

Be friendly to strangers. Be friendly to friends. Be joyful, and kind to everyone. With gratitude let’s follow Mr. Roger’s model in our own neighborhoods.


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