Grateful For Warmth of Fire

Today a powerful winter snow and ice storm is sweeping across the United States with record snow falls and dangerous weather conditions such that there are power outages, businesses are closed, and cities are in a state of emergency. As we watch the weather reports and prepare for emergency situations in our homes, I am grateful for fire generated from candles, or fireplaces burning wood, gas, propane or other.

When the power goes out, warmth is necessary especially for babies, children, and the elderly. Heat becomes critical as temperatures plunge into a dangerous range.

I have a fire right now. The beauty of the flames is as comforting to me as is the warmth of the fire. Beyond the utility of heating a room, fire is so significant in our lives for celebrations on cakes, cooking snacks while sitting around a fire pit when camping, and creating memories of stories told around the fire during years gone by.

Today I enjoy the contrast of the warmth of the fire against the brutal freeze of the winter storm. I have gratitude for fire today. How ’bout you?

I am grateful for the warmth of a fire.


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