So Grateful For Celebrations of 2.22.22 Day Today!

Oh what a happy day we have experienced from the News people on TV, to my computer that sprays confetti every time I type in the sequence of 2’s, to the special articles online and descriptions of this “Tuesday’s” significance! I have learned so much about numbers today! One explanation is within an article in by Shereen Campbell (Feb. 18, 2022). Credit for the video image below by Adobe.Design: Cierra Miller/stylecaster.

Shereen writes in numerology the 222 sequence are Angel Numbers.

I like that concept as I like Angels.

Take a look at Campbell’s article to learn about “energy”, “partnership”, “balance”, “acceptance”, “compassion,” “cooperation”, “harmony”, and “compromise”. These are fantastic attributes for an individual to have as they journey to gratitude. Shereen states, “choose to use the last days of this magical 222 energy like a portal to channel all the love and hope you can. For yourself first, and then for others.”

Happy Twosday! February 22, 2022 falls on a Tuesday. It’s a 2’s day!

Happy palindrome day! Once-in-a-lifetime Twosday Tuesday numbers create the 2.22.22 date that won’t be back for another 200 years! This date reads the same backwards as it does forwards. “It is also an ambigram, which means the date remains the same when its digits are reversed upside-down (Pyman for”

There is so much to learn about this special day. Talk to numerology explainers. Some people are calling this a once in a lifetime day…Some are saying it won’t fall on a Tuesday for 400 more years (see article) …

Whatever you do on this day, make it special…. This is clearly a day for gratitude. I’m so grateful for today. How ’bout you?


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