How Will You Spend This Longest Day of the Year?

Today is June 22, the Longest Day you will have this year. I think it is often typical for us to get so busy with life stuff (jobs, children, bills, meal planning, laundry, and more) that we forget to look around, take a momentary break, “smell the roses as they say”, and enjoy the day. So, today, I challenge you to do something special on this particular day.

Right now, after I finish this posting, I am going outside to enjoy this day. I am not which leisure activities I will pursue (before or after work, or without any work on this day)… special walk, cup of coffee, work in the flowers in my garden, meet a friend, walk my dog, go to a movie, read a book, phone a loved one, create a spa day for myself, work in a local food bank, help my elderly neighbors, stop past my church to offer a prayer of thanksgiving, sit and watch the waves on the beach, watch the children play in the city pool or on the sports fields, go to a favorite restaurant, enjoy a special drink, take a long drive up the coast, look at old photo albums, bake in my kitchen and share with my neighbors, do some yoga or attend a stretch class, or ????. Whichever activity(ies) I participate in alone or with others, for the rest of this day will be special, as this is a very special day – the longest day of this year. I love this day!

Do not waste this day, as it will not come again for 365 more days. I feel grateful for this special day – an ordinary day that is longer than any other day. I plan to focus on this gift of extra time today. How ’bout you?


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