How Will You Spend This Day?

Everyday is a new day. Some days are special because they are your birthday, or a holiday, or a memory such as a death anniversary, or graduation date, or wedding, or loss of a job… Some days will never be remembered, or noted during your life. But, today, I want to challenge you to make this day special – your day! This particular day may become a memory because it snowed in the midwest and is very cold today. If you are dealing with the cold winter blast, it may not feel like a day of gratitude, or if it is raining, it may be dangerous for driving on slick freeways. On such days, how may you find your gratitude, or feel positive? Maybe you might sit inside by a fire, or have a warm cup of hot chocolate and look out the window at the winter white new blanket that covers your neighborhood. Here in Southern California it is raining so I took a photograph of the raindrops on my car window and observed that not one drop touched the other drop and that each drop of water was a different size and contributed to the overall pattern of water drops I observed as I sat in my car with my cup of coffee listening to the rain fall. I had just left my favorite grocery store and purchased a fresh muffin which I enjoyed with my coffee.

So, today, and future days, I request that you look around for little moments of positive energy for which you might give thanks, or for those that may capture your attention, even briefly, for which you may feel grateful and appreciative. What are you experiencing right now that makes you feel happy?

This is #gratitudezero. See post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of categories of gratitude.

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