What’s the Difference Between Joy and Happiness?

Please focus on the single beam of light projected onto the beach this morning just as day breaks (see the photo above). Out of the vast array of topics on which we might focus today, let’s focus on finding/seeking “joy” in our life which may sometimes feel like the little beam above.  Personally, I tend to like to focus on joy more than happiness because joy is a deeper emotion.

I googled “joy” and learned that “joy” happens less frequently to us than “happiness”, but “joy” is a stronger feeling than “happiness”. In a description within Psychologies, I learned that “joy” is cultivated internally, but “happiness” is triggered externally, and “is based on other people,, things, places, thoughts and events”. Joy “comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are”.

So my message within “Gratitude Squared” today is: let’s seek to achieve “joy” during our day. Joy has more benefits for you. Joy is not based on “quick fixes” like addictive foods or drinks, or fleeting behaviors that give us happiness, but only momentarily.  Finding joy takes practice. 

Rachel Fearnley tells her clients to increase the amount of joy in your life through: 

  • meditation to quiet your mind; 
  • lessening your time with social media (i.e., minimize how often you go on various sites each day); and
  • journaling and practicing gratitude for the things that bring you joy. Define and list what gives you joy and what does not give you joy.

Go and find “Joy” today!

This is #gratitudelite. See post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of categories of gratitude.

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