Valentine’s Day is Gratitude for Others

Reflecting on the typical symbols and icons on this day, I wondered why the color “red” became so meaningful and learned (with Siri’s help) that red “creates feelings of excitement and intensity”. I know those strong feelings when in love! Then, I read a little more and found that the color “red” “is also used to warn of danger and can symbolize anger or passion (calling to mind the Flames of Love)”. This statement caused me to pause….. It reminded me of my post from yesterday describing the full range of gratitude (from frivolous to serious). I kept reading…

My next question was to understand the association between the heart and valentine, and/or the heart and love. Siri was wonderfully helpful to explain the rich history of the heart and Valentine’s Day (from the shape of an ancient plant to our actual physical hearts in our chests to jewelry and more). When I read about Venus, the goddess of love, I was struck by the story of her son Cupid, whose darts set hearts on fire! Hence, I began to understand the age-old connections between Flames of Love (red) and Hearts on Fire, and a deeper meaning for this very special day began to take shape …

As a lover of words myself, I am pondering about what might happen all around me during this very special day? Personally, I will reach out to those that I care about to tell them how grateful I am that they are in my life. I will give presents. As I studied the history of this day I further was made aware that that the heart icon is now not only an object or noun, but it has more recently become a verb, as in I luv (heart shape) New York.

So, today will be a day for action and giving to others. In my imagination, I believe today will manifest many different and meaningful exchanges of objects of affection, and it will also reveal many actions and expressions of love, gratitude and tenderness toward others. This day will have beautiful expressions of joy, kindness, and gratitude.

However, I had another thought which stopped me in my tracts. That is, remember the color “red” and the story line of Cupid running around shooting arrows at lovers? Since this is a day of intensity, we might also see and/or experience the passion of anger, the warning color of danger today. Valentine’s Day might also foster intensity and passions for some couples or individuals who face disappointment from their partners, or companions, or friends. If this happens near you and yours, this may, no doubt, also prove to be a day of great disappointment!

Thus, my thought for all of us today is to be mindful as you engage with others… Be kind, find joy, enjoy giving and exchanging, and be accepting and understanding that not everyone may be having your day today!

This is #gratitudelite. See post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of categories of gratitude.

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