Airy’s Journey to Gratitude

Given the snow and ice across the country today, I thought I might select a contrasting photo for our discussion as, at least to me, this photo conveys peacefulness, calm, sunshine and beauty. But, remember the old adage, “You can’t tell a book by its cover”? This is Airy the Airstream, a new touring coach.

What you do NOT see in the photo are the zip ties holding the awning on so that it does not open out while driving on the freeways and injure someone, and you do NOT see all the duck tape on the side of the coach holding the panels and badging from flapping in the wind and maybe blowing off the frame to expose the metal chassis. You also would NEVER know that the radio was not properly connected so that there is no music to enhance the drive. The bed in the back does NOT go down but rather pulls the entire frame out and rips the mattress, and there is more that is wrong, currently with Airy.

This hand built Airstream is beautiful, but is broken.

What do you do when life gets broken? Do you throw a fit, stomp your feet, threaten the salesman, ask for your money back, yell the loudest? Or, do you have patience, dream about the future, wait for tomorrow which seems like it will never come, and continue to plan your journey to all the places on your life’s bucket list?

Aletheia Luna teaches us about “Inner Work” and how such prepares us for a meaningful path to follow.

This inner work leads to creating authentic, bone-deep change in the world, little by little.

Luna notes that, to her, the most worthy path to enrich everything you do in life is to turn “your pain into power”, to make changes in your life little by little.

Thus, Airy the Airstream is symbolic I think for our message of gratitude today. Airy is beautiful on the outside, and, hopefully real soon, will become beautiful on the inside as well.

Airy represents the journey of life. Feel free to come along.

This is #gratitudelite. See the post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of categories of gratitude.

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