When Life Feels Like a Maze

The winter weather is terrible today for some parts of the country…deep snowfall, freezing temperatures, ice, power is out, and travel is difficult. Interesting evolution with this site on gratitude… people are beginning to look around and share with me stories of their own gratitude. This is exactly what I hope will happen through gratitude squared… pay it forward folks!

Today my brother has been helping his neighbors, employees, and family members “shovel out” so that they may get on with life and prepare for work and school tomorrow in Indiana. Yet, after he shoveled/moved snow for at least 8 hours today (his employment was shut down for the day), he “Face timed” me a moment ago to share a video and photos of the maze he just built in his backyard for his dogs. He planned an interconnecting labyrinth of paths for them, and then watched their initial confusion and bewilderment as they walked, then began to run through their maze. The walls are taller than they are; so sometimes they lifted their heads to look above the walls of snow. Soon, knowing my brother, he will capture a drone shot of his dogs running the maze. I noted that his neighbor is building a maze too for his children and dogs! How fun.

I like my brother’s example for us today, i.e., when life seems to present blockages, make a maze! There are always multiple options to get through each day!

Chester running the maze. Willie greets him with brotherly love!

This is #gratitudezero. See the post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of the categories of gratitude.

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