Gratitude Circles

It is happening, now… Gratitude Squared is multiplying… Oh Happy Day!

Friends, peers, colleagues, strangers, and family are talking about “Gratitude”. They are sharing their own stories about being grateful, and/or joyous about various experiences in their life.

There is “positivity in the air”!

As the author of these blogs, I am watching the radius of circles rolling out as these “posts” are thrown out into the world, similar to dropping a pebble into a pond and being mesmerized by the perfect circles formed after the entry of the stone, falling into the deep waters.

People need each other so often form various groups, for friendship, for play, for spiritual blessings…

What impresses me is how often when people eat together, or socialize, or meet, they gather in a “circle”.

Why a circle I wonder?

In the past, people formed a circle for protection (remember the old wagon trains). My friend “Siri” noted that the circle represents “inclusion” and “wholeness”.

Remember the words to the song, “Will the Circle be Unbroken?”

Rustic and discussed the symbolism of the shape of the ring. I note that rings are often exchanged for friendship and/or during a wedding. The circle has many symbols in faith as well as in life.

Circles have been used as a metaphor for concepts of totality, wholeness, perfection, the self, infinity, eternity, and timelessness.

Today I pick the metaphors of “wholeness”, and “timelessness” for the “gratitude circles” I envision.

To be whole is not to be broken.

To be timeless is to have gratitude forever and ever…

That’s a nice feeling for today!

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This is #gratitudelite. See post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of categories of gratitude.

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