Through Gratitude Expand

Last year I made a YouTube video titled “Through” on my YouTube Channel, Aspiring through healing to health and wellness, and learned the mighty power of one little word “THROUGH“. I had forgotten about that video until this morning when I came across an article titled, “9 Eye-Opening Ways to Expand Your Empathy and Gratitude” by Chris Holder. Hence, I am reminded of the power of words and when attached to images, change is amazingly possible. Through our words and images, especially on social media today, we motivate others to action.

Dr. Holder describes 9 actions we may each choose to keep us in a “State of Grace”. When I got to his number 4, I paused:

Remember Your thought and Words Are Alive.

Chris Holder

Isn’t that something? Your thoughts and words are alive!

Words have power. Not just with how they are received but the vibration they release into the world. Your signature, your fingerprint are all over the words you say. Be responsible.

Chris Holder

I focused on vibrations we put out in another YouTube video titled “Energy Heals” in which I focused on energy and vibrations that we each put out into the world, for it is THROUGH us that change happens. Other authors, motivational speakers, healers, and ministers caution us to be responsible with what we say and do. Those same individuals remind us to follow the golden rule, “remain humble, appreciate all that is around [us], and have empathy for others”.

So, today, I would encourage you to think of yourself as A BRIDGE TO GRATITUDE.

BE MINDFUL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND WORDS, as, in a sense, through your words …. you are an agent of “climate change” around you!

  • You imprint your gratefulness on others through your words.
  • You motivate people to joyfulness.
  • You release positive vibrations to your world THROUGH you?

WOW! Make a great day today.

This is #gratitudeultra. See the post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of types of gratitude.

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