Nature Gives Us Joy and Renews

This morning I woke to bright sunshine. It surprised me so early in the morning as typically the sun begins to shine around 10 a.m. As my morning routine began with a glance at my computer, I found something perfect for today!

Nature Deficit Disorder

What made this phrase so perfect is because I suspect that many of you in Texas, on the East coast, and Canada are experiencing this disorder just about this time of year (February) with the tough winter you have had. The dark, gloomy, cold, chilling winter has given you all a “nature deficit disorder”.

The hero photo above comes to us from Gustav Gullstrand from I love nature of all kinds, but this photo of the sunshine through the trees in the forest is particularly beautiful today. Living in California I feel fortunate with our weather particularly during the winter. But growing up in the Midwest, I love all the seasons and miss the beauty of the winter snow, the colors of autumn, and the smells after a powerful thunderstorm.

This morning my email included a link to a place I would like to visit someday – the Pagosa Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Colorado. Among the many packages, I found a “Forest Bathing Hike”. This is a special experience, especially for urban dwellers. I was charmed by their inclusion of a “forest soak” within their bathing and renewal packages. How special is that?

So, through this posting today, I send you a “Forest Bathing Soak”. Enjoy your day!

From by John Towner, Steven Kamenar, and Amos G.

This is #gratitudeultra. See the post on February 28, 2021 for definitions of gratitude categories.

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