Masks – A Year In Review

It has been one year since we started seriously wearing masks, social distancing, washing our hands more frequently, and locking our lives down. I thought it might be fun to look at some of the masks I tried during this year. The real fun is actually those posts in which people are wearing underwear on their heads, wearing a bra as a mask, and more, but I do not have permission to post all those fun products so I looked back at some of my own. I hope you look at all of your masks too!

I started thinking about masks more seriously today when someone said

“Who would ever think we could wear a mask in a bank?”

Fun fact – Did anyone track how many bank robbers we had in 2020?

When we first starting wearing masks initially I covered my face, including nose and mouth, as well as my eyes and hair because of my previous health issues I felt afraid of the virus. Later, I just covered my eyes, nose, and mouth. Finally, just my nose and mouth. Looking back. I had fun with masks.

Wearing a mask was not such a bad experience. People color coordinated masks with their clothing. All different types of masks were designed and sold. Masks were used for Ads, social justice, making personal statements, raising funds for not-for-profits, and more.

I even had a bird mask!

Think about all the fun experiences/memories with masks that you had during 2020. Which are you most grateful for today?

I am grateful for my health, and that of others I might have helped because I wore a mask.

This is #gratitudezero. See the February 28, 2021 posting for a definition of gratitude categories.

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