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Mask On, Mask Off

Wearing masks has saved many lives during the past year and has slowed the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the topic of masks has been politically charged this year, and confounded with personal freedom, preference, rights, and more. When we were asked to wear a mask, it was not always convenient. It was sometimes hot, uncomfortable, and limited our oxygen intake. People fought within stores because of masks. People yelled at each other, and became angry over masks.

The two little prepositions “on”, and “off” stirred our inner souls and emotions. Sometimes we forgot our masks and had to go back to get one. Sometimes we were forced to use masks by staff in stores. Sometimes we were denied access if we did not have a mask. People “burned” masks in protest. In 2019, who would have thought that a little “mask” could cause such debate? And so it continues…

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Masks – A Year In Review

It has been one year since we started seriously wearing masks, social distancing, washing our hands more frequently, and locking our lives down. I thought it might be fun to look at some of the masks I tried during this year. The real fun is actually those posts in which people are wearing underwear on their heads, wearing a bra as a mask, and more, but I do not have permission to post all those fun products so I looked back at some of my own. I hope you look at all of your masks too!

I started thinking about masks more seriously today when someone said

“Who would ever think we could wear a mask in a bank?”

Fun fact – Did anyone track how many bank robbers we had in 2020?

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How Did I Get to Gratitude? My Journey

On April 21, 2017 my life changed when I learned I would probably die. During these past nearly four years, I took a journey through healing, searching for wellness alternatives, multiple surgeries, modifying my diet, changing my lifestyle, and learning about health and wellness practices around the globe. During that journey, I focused on aspirational and inspirational messages for others who also had serious illnesses. As an educator, I hoped to share what I was learning along the way. Toward the goal of healing for myself as well as others, to date I have created 25 videos and put them on YouTube for others to view. You may view those videos if you wish to learn the particulars of my healing. The Hero’s Journey in Aspiring Through Healing to Health and Wellness.

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Welcome to Guide to Gratitude!

Welcome to Guide to Gratitude. These are clearly amazing times with the Covid-19 virus, people unemployed, food insecurity, political disagreements, and fear of Covid, conflict over wearing masks, children out of school and on and on. During my lifetime, I have experienced many variations of life from serious health issues, loss of employment, early death of family members, and more of what so many worry about these days. Sometimes we feel helpless to know what to do or say. In response to events of these times, I want to blog with all of you about Gratitude, i.e., finding gratitude in daily life. I hope you will take this journey with me as we search together for life’s little miracles all around us. Gratitude for good health, gratitude for a job, gratitude for a rainbow, gratitude for love, gratitude for a beautiful national park, gratitude for God and spirituality in life, gratitude for the smile of a young child, or the playfulness of your pet… This blog includes travel to discover and uncover the riches in which gratitude is found and becomes meaningful to you. I hope you will come along and share your own experiences during which you felt grateful. Let’s begin…

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