When Gratitude Is Enough

I found this phrase at the car wash this morning. It made me think…

When is Gratitude enough? What is it we are all searching for? Today I thought we might make a list of topics and/or events that give people “joy”, so I asked people around me to help:

  • #gratitudemakestheattitude site on Instagram is #grateful for beautiful moments and a peaceful state of mind. They post beautiful videos of whales floating, or birds flying, and more…
  • #8womendream.com site has a tote bag that says “Don’t stop dreaming about tomorrow”as well as a “Happiness Through Activism” link. Their site is full of information about gratitude.
  • #Happify.com reminds us the “benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless”, including better sleep, feeling more alive, healthier immune systems, and more life satisfaction.
  • as the author of #gratitudesquared.com, I find I am happier and more positive when I help others by sharing positive messages. I can not tell you how much all of you give back to me and each other as you read these postings and practice gratitude yourselves. I believe gratitude is contagious.
  • Some of you love animal stories and find your joy and happiness each time you see an animal photo, especially different types, breeds, and sizes of dogs.
  • Others of you love to read about any type of nature, i.e., ocean waves, sunlight through a forest, a colorful flower garden, or a photo of any of the seasons, e.g., the colors of autumn, a deep snowfall, a warm summer’s eve. You are very visual “gratitude spreaders.”
  • Finally, many of you love postings about people, e.g., people who inspire, people who have overcome obstacles in life, people who help the underprivileged, people who are selfless, and/or people who love their family members (either little babies, or their elderly grandparents).

Gratitude is enough when we smile.

Gratitude is enough when we experience and reflect upon a fond memory.

Gratitude is enough when it calms us.

Gratitude is enough when we take a deep breath.

Gratitude is enough when we share a tender act of kindness.

Gratitude is enough when it gives you hope or inspires you.

Gratitude is enough when it makes you feel happy or joyous.

Gratitude is enough when whatever you are doing makes you want to do it again.

I want to do this exercise again soon, as I keep discovering that finding gratitude gives me joy. As the first item on the above list states, Gratitude makes me have an attitude! I feel better now…


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