Attention: I Had An Oops!

Many of you may remember me speaking to you in my posting on “Maybe the Best Dog Day Ever – Yum!”, and also all the photos in the posting on March 7, 2021. This was my example of pure dog gratitude when my mom gave me a beef rib! Well, I am sorry to report that when she gave me another beef rib this week, I chewed on it so enthusiastically that I ended up in my Vet’s office!

In this posting, let me give a WARNING to all little dogs. I learned the hard way.

I chewed on that beef rib so happily that I injured my jaw, my neck, my shoulders, and my entire upper body!

I cried when I barked. I cried when I walked. I stumbled in circles as I could not get comfortable for hours. My mom was afraid I had a piece of bone stuck in my neck.

The Vet checked me for neurological damage. I feel lucky today and want to tell you what I learned at the Vet.

  • First, little dogs like me will hurt their teeth. The teeth will chip off and break and expose the roots and insides of the teeth which cause pain and infection.
  • Secondly, I carried that big rib bone from one place to another. I bruised my jaw and neck and shoulders from the weight of the rib bone.
  • Thirdly, I pulled my muscles in my body so I hurt and did not understand why?
  • The Vet checked me for neurological damage and luckily I did not apparently have any.
  • The Vet gave me the medicine Gabapentin for a week for damage to my peripheral nerves, pain sensitivity, joint pain and stiffness, physical injury, pain, and general discomfort throughout my body.

Thank God for that Vet and my mom and the medicine. Today, I want to express Gratitude that I learned about rib bones but I do not want them anymore. Since having gratitude is about giving to others, I want to send this message to all little dogs and their owners… do not mess with rib bones. It’s not worth it. The pleasure is not worth the pain. I am grateful I learned from my oops!


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