Gratitude For Effective Listening

I am an introvert and have been all my life. My energy is drawn from reflection from deep within. As I was forced to retire due to a serious illness, I have the leisure time now that I did not have before. What I am noticing is that people need to talk and share, and because I have more time than many people who are still working, I have the time to listen to people who reach out to me.

Today was a typical day. It began with my neighbor telling me his frustration with another neighbor that he tried to help. We have street sweeping in our neighborhood every two weeks and if you do not move your car, you will get a ticket and hefty fine. My neighbor knocks on the doors of people who forget to move their cars in the early morning. This kind act is generally appreciated by all, but this morning a grumpy young adult was apparently extremely rude and did not want to be bothered, nor did he want to move his car. My neighbor, trying to do a good deed, was offended by the nasty attitude of the individual he was trying to help. My neighbor declared he would not offer help to that individual again. I listened to this story and tried to tell him he was a good guy for doing that kind deed.

My son phoned me to tell me of his various travel plans over the next six weeks, including his travel to visit with me and others in various States and countries. I appreciated his detail and awareness of my preferences and confirmations of various dates and responsibilities. Shortly thereafter, my brother phoned me to update me on his recent travel plans and various relatives visiting his home over the next few weeks. These are routine calls with family and I value each one very much.

Soon my friends began to call and text as they do on typical days. I am grateful for these regular calls from family and friends, and feel fortunate that they consider me an effective listener routinely. I am learning the value in “listening”. I am understanding that old saying, “It is better to give, than to receive”. My listening is my “gift” to others in my life circle.

How sad I would feel if no one called or texted me. So today, let me express my gratitude that I am apparently becoming an effective listener.

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