Gratitude For Friendships

The older I am, the more I value my friendships past and present. Friends help to reduce stress and create better health and improve one’s outlook on life. Friends are helpful when one deals with loss due to death or job loss, or health problems or trauma such as divorce or illness.

Friends may make you happier by doing things with you, participating in shared activities, building up your self-confidence, sharing fond memories, and encouraging you to be yourself. Friends listen to you, and encourage you to change unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking or overeating. Friends impact your self-worth by including you in a community, and encouraging you to participate as a member of various groups. Friends may give you a sense of purpose in life.

Friends may make you happy. Friends nurture each other and provide various emotions for each other. Friends are empathetic. Friends make you feel special. Friends may be trusted, responsible, and reliable individuals you may grow to depend on during particular times throughout your life.

Listen to your friends. Make yourself available to your friends. Nurture your friendships. Be kind, empathetic, and available to your friends. Be grateful for friends. I am.

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