Gratitude for Kindness by People

As I have the time to people watch, I enjoy observing others. I make mental notes of so many kind actions by people to each other unexpectedly. For example, today I went to an auto parts store to get a couple of items. One item was in the store and the other would be delivered from a nearby store within a couple of hours. When I returned to pick up the second item, it had not been delivered. The salesman asked if I could wait 15 minutes while someone went to the other store to bring the item to me. I was so touched that he would do this kind act for a total stranger. I explained that I would wait till tomorrow as I was not in a hurry. I wondered how many customers would become angry and create some drama in the store over one item. What impressed me most was this gentleman’s work ethic during this time of the pandemic and when it is so difficult to hire people to work. It seemed unnecessary that I would insist on getting the item today. I can wait.

Yesterday, I purchased an older used car. The young lady waiting on me was so kind and helpful and certainly wanted to earn my business. Again, what impressed me most was not the product I was purchasing but rather her work ethic. I have no doubt that she has a great future in sales. She constantly walked between me and her upper management. I felt like I was watching “Deal or No Deal”. She followed our day with a sweet email to me a few times. Her entry into her profession will provide a solid foundation for her future. I will not remember my purchase, but I will never forget this young lady.

I have a dear friend who is hosting relatives in her home while another family member is ill and aging. The relatives are not particularly grateful, it appears, for her efforts in caring for them while working a full time job and dealing with her own health issues. Her kindness impresses me as I watch her ongoing hospitality and listen to the events of each day. Again, it is her kindness to others that impresses me so much. I wonder how her relatives do not see how hard she is trying to please them?

I am a member in a local group of women meeting weekly. The health problems of their families and friends are significant. They share photos and stories of their loved ones. Persons help bring food, provide transportation to the hospital for radiation and chemo, and offer support to the families, and various forms of care giving. Watching and participating in all of these little acts of kindness is cumulative and stirs my reflections into moral values.

The “gifts” people give to each other anonymously and regularly amazes me.

I wonder if, during the rush of our days, people are aware of these random acts of kindness that are regularly exchanged between human beings, strangers as well as individuals known to each other?

I end this day so full of gratitude for people who are kind to one another.

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