Gratitude For Exploring Energy in Neuroscience

Today I was listening to a Webinar with Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Kristen Willeumier and Dr. Peter Cummings as I was riding my stationary bike. The topic was on The Brain…neuroscience..offering actionable strategies to live a more healthy, balanced life… I love Dr. Bush’s talks!

The Drs. were focusing on the energy within our brains, our minds, our consciousness, and learning to control our emotions and responses to events in our lives… I started riding my bike as I listened. I was also thinking about a posting about being a good listener to others…

Just as the webinar began, my brother phoned and talked about his fan motor he built to blow across the coils on his home air-conditioning unit he rigged until parts from China arrived. I said I was listening to a webinar and so was brief. Next my neighbor texted to say he was leaving to surf in Puerto Vallarta for a week would I get his mail? I texted back wishing him a great trip and “yes”. Within just a few moments as my heart was soaring from Dr. Bush’s words of wisdom, a local book club friend phoned to ask if I would help with care of her special needs child for eight days while she was on a honeymoon in Mexico. We talked about the particulars and ended the call. I continued to marvel at Dr. Bush’s message on energy in our brains, but soon a dear friend phoned to tell me about a family member’s concern regarding a child’s friend who had just been involved in a shooting in Los Angeles, an extremely frightening experience for everyone involved. I’m not sure I was the best listener I wanted to be at that moment but I tried to share in the conversation and I kept riding the bike. The phone rang again and since I did not answer it I received a text about the current state of the pandemic in Spain and the CDC rankings of Europe for travel.

It was such an unusual afternoon. It seemed the harder I tried to listen to the webinar, and ride the bike, the more the energy around me was building and people were contacting me to share very significant stories, meaningful to their lives.

Dr. Bush was saying something about “actionable strategies” we should use to manage stress and our emotions. He was talking about the 99% of energy in our brains and the approximately 1% of particle matter in our brains which assist us to sense through sight, smell, and hearing of the events around us. He was describing how our minds are separate from our brains. He further discussed our consciousness that connects us with all other people, and its’ separateness from our brain and body.

He was ending with advice for us to put roots down which would branch out into our worlds and connect us to the “now”, to be present in our lives. At that particular moment, I decided to jump off my bike as the texting and phone kept ringing and it seemed the energy on me as a listener to others was magnified. I had only ridden 12 miles on the bike by that time, but with each new mile came a new demand for me to listen to others. I told the next caller I had to get off the bike and stop listening to the webinar. I could no longer grasp nor experience the “energy” mounting around me by that point, nor could I listen any more to anyone. There was too much energy in the room at that moment!

When I closed my laptop and stopped riding the bike, the room around me grew silent. I will listen again on another day, at another time to learn the actionable strategies for health and balance in life. Whatever was happening in my living room today had too much energy… hard as I was trying…. I could not be a good listener anymore at that point! Bottom line….I experienced an explosion of energy today while studying current trends and thoughts about neuroscience. I breathlessly answered the next phone call stating that no one would believe the calls and texts I had received specifically during and uniquely targeted between those 12 miles on the bike! I literally jumped off the bike and stopped everything.

I feel grateful for the energy I experienced today while on the bike, during the webinar, but I need to learn the “actionable strategies” to have balance in my life. I feel guilty if I do not answer the phone or respond to a text, but sometimes everyone who needs to share with me at a particular moment do unintentionally overwhelm me. The explosion of energy today was really memorable. As an introvert, I need to reflect on just what happened this afternoon.

I am so grateful for Dr. Zach Bush’s Global Health Education initiative, and for his free education. I am even more grateful that he records his webinars so that people like me may listen again and again to control “our emotions and responses to any event in our lives”.

Seems I was receiving Dr. Bush’s message loud and clear as “my own roots were branching out and connecting me to the people in my life NOW”! It will be with great gratitude that I will explore energy in neuroscience further, but I will plan to do so late at night when others are sleeping and my home has silence.

I am grateful that I continue to grow and learn about health and balance.


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