Give Gratitude For Trees

Two very old mature Palm Trees were removed from the neighborhood yesterday. It was a big event. People took photos and made movies as the old trees came down. It was sort of sad somehow as these two trees had filled the sky for many years.

I looked up the subject of “trees” and how they contribute to our lives in honor of these old friends:

  • Trees are oxygen providers
  • Trees save money in urban areas through stormwater management, and air purification
  • Trees may eliminate the need for power plants
  • Trees absorb carbon so erase car emissions
  • Trees are air purifiers removing carbon dioxide and other gases
  • Trees have cooling power like nature’s air-conditioners
  • Trees are stress reducers as sight of trees reduces blood pressure and make some less frustrated
  • Trees save energy consumption
  • Trees may become stormwater filters, reducing runoff and filtering water
  • Trees reduce crime and illnesses, and block noise

The above is from

I honor trees.

Loss of trees


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