Grateful for Gentle Giant Dog Friend

I have an amazing dog, Augustino, who believes he’s a lap dog. He can change from a loving puppy to an alert, protective watch dog in an instant. His DNA kicks in to guard his owner and property, yet with me he is playful, fast on his fast, loves to play ball, and entertain himself for hours with toys and a bucket. In the swimming pool, he pulls me to safety whenever I leave the side of the pool. He is simply pure joy and affection each and every day.

He is exceptionally fast on his feet, ever watchful, and always happy with his little stubby tail wagging. He loves to go for car rides, looking out all windows, and watching other dogs. He is a bit afraid of new experiences with people and places, and still will not get off the bed on his own as he is fearful of the slippery floor.

What can I say? Augustino brings such joy and love to me and greets me always with big sloppy kisses. I am so grateful for this guy in my life!


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