Be Grateful For Who You Are

Some people are “stuff” people. Some people are not. We are tied to our memories through the things we collect. Parting with our things is very emotional for some people; for others it is not.

I am helping someone move now and it is so hard for the person to throw anything away. Memories, collections, might be useful in the future, might need it soon, I like it, I am attached to it, It is worth something, It has value to me, Don’t touch my stuff….. on and on we often hear such comments. When I was encouraging the person to repack the boxes and throw out some of the stuff, it was apparent it was a very emotional experience. I remember my mom and dad collected stuff too. Even I like my stuff, but not to the extent of some people.

THEN, it dawned on me… why does it matter? The person is young, has plenty of space for storage, and enjoys the stuff. So, on this day, I decided to be grateful for the stuff! I decided to be grateful that I know this person, even with the stuff! In reality, it is so arbitrary regarding how much stuff we do or do not have! As long as a person does not hoard so much stuff that it is a health hazard, or danger of fire, etc., I guess stuff is ok.

My message for today is: Be Grateful For Who You Are as a Person! Keeping or not keeping your stuff is arbitrary. Be joyful! Love your stuff! Love your life! Personally, I am grateful for the unique characteristics of each and every person…. stuff and all. Hope you are having a great day. I am…. even as I step over all the stuff….


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