Grateful For This Sacred Day

Today my Facebook reminded me that 10 years ago today was my father’s last day of life! Tomorrow will be his 10 year death anniversary. I miss him so.

Rather than be buried in the usual stress of my own life, I devoted this day to those memories of my father. He was a minister 100%. He always was in a suit, tie, jacket. I remember one year on vacation he even rowed a boat in a suit and tie. We sometimes had to cancel our own vacation plans because someone in the church was in the hospital, or was dying, or needed him.

I sat next to his bed all day and night 10 years ago on this day… his last day on earth… I am so grateful that I moved back to Indiana for his final years of life to care for him.

Be grateful for sacred days in your own life. They will not come again.

Continue to Rest In Peace dad… Love you so…

If you want to see my father singing about the Lord he loved, please see this YouTube video I made for our family.

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