Interpretation When In A State of Gratitude

Medicine is not a pure science like mathematics or physics. We learn this when getting second opinions from professionals because we want choices for our health care. When we get an initial diagnosis, we sometimes feel “frozen” and “scared”. It is at these moments of information exchange that I want to share some insights with you.

I love to listen to Bette Midler when relaxing. I wondered why I loved Bette’s singing so much, and learned that she typically does not compose songs, or lyrics, but rather it is Bette’s “interpretation” of the words and the musical notes that are exceptional. Bette can take a Carole King’s song like, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, or many other artist’s lyrics, and deliver a rendition to make you cry, or cheer, smile, or soar to another place while listening…

So I started thinking about this concept of “interpretation”. How might we develop this new skill set when we are faced with a monumental decision in our own lives? How might I propose “interpretation” as a tool? How might I present “interpretation” to you as a decision-making matrix? Let me propose some ideas for you. Utilizing skillful “interpretation” gives us the sense that we:

  • have some control back
  • are a member of the planning team
  • are empowered to determine our own future
  • have inclusion as to decisions impacting us
  • are participants in what will happen next
  • have respect from others in our world
  • are honored by others

Let me give some specific examples: Because I had so much cancer in many places, I used “interpretation” to determine which surgery I wanted first. As I learned about breast cancer on my left side, I used “interpretation” to ask about radiation and protecting my heart. Further, as I learned about chemotherapy, I participated in decisions regarding how many courses of chemo, keeping some chemo for the future as I was not allergic to the initial medicines but I learned I could develop a resistance against chemo and not be able to have that one administered again. I used knowledge to make decisions about changing my diet, removing toxicities in my environment, and so forth. In brief, I have turned “interpretation” into a working tool for us to use.

More broadly, being in a “State” of gratitude provides us the time and understanding to “interpret” our life’s goals and objectives, and therefore, the time to plan and manage our life. Interpretation lets us take a look at our life. Interpretation lets us get our affairs in order. Interpretation (as an action) lets us feel included, respected, honored, empowered and so forth. In my opinion, these advantages from interpretation as a useful “tool” make us feel better mentally in contrast to having feelings of hopelessness, and being scared and frozen in fear when we fail to interpret our choices and therefore our futures.

While you may not be able to erase the illness at the moment, you still have many, many aspects of your life that you may still participate in and deal with!

Personally, I am an advocate for inclusion. After all, it is my body, my life, me who has the most at stake, and so I want to “interpret” my situation, my choices, and be a participant.

You see, in my opinion, each decision is not all or nothing. We can make decisions incrementally and “interpret” each outcome, regroup, and try again, or consider the next steps, or courses of action.

I am starting to love this tool of “interpretation” because it gives me hope. It makes me feel alive. It ignites my mind, body, and soul that I am still alive and kicking.

Please don’t feel afraid (for very long)… Listen to all the information, and opinions, and then begin the process of interpretation as you continue to walk in a State of Gratitude.

My very best to each of you reading this posting. I am sending all the positivity to you I may in little Gratitude Bubbles out into our Universe. Let’s practice “interpretation” together. Let’s be empowered. Let’s take control. Let’s give ourselves honor and respect as we share together through inclusion in our community.

Look at the photo I selected…. don’t stop….look both ways…. interpret when to go….. interpret where to go….. now (as they say)…. You go girl!


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