A Day For Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving – a day for Gratitude! This is typically a memorable day for all because of time with friends and family and, THE FOOD. The various parades, and runs, and shopping beginning for the holidays, new movies, lots of photos taken, and generally great times happen on this day each year.

As I reflected on this day for all of us, I paused to reflect on why each day can not be like this day? Is gratitude seasonal? Gratitude should be practiced each and every day don’t you think?

Yesterday was a day full of news… another guy found out he was going to be a dad. Another guy posted that his father, with lung cancer, had just passed away. Another guy won some money playing poker. Another guy started the long drive across three States to get home for the holidays. Another little Yorkie got rescued. Another guy lost his job. Another guy got sentenced to prison for life, and on and on it went. As I listened to all the news, received phone calls, and read news online, I wondered what does this news mean to me as I practice staying in a State of Gratitude? My answer is: I don’t know. Bad news does not mean to stop being grateful. Good news does not mean to stop being grateful. I concluded that I was to be grateful that I was alive to hear the news!

Whatever makes you grateful….whatever makes you joyful… do it today. This is a day of gratitude for all of us.


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