Grateful For Caregivers, Caretakers, And Helpful People

During the holiday season, I observe so many thoughtful and helpful people all around us. Typically we learn helpfulness from our parents, especially our mothers, who create magical moments for us as children with visits to colorful locations, cooking our favorite foods, decorating our homes, giving presents, and preparing us through their models to be kind and giving individuals as we grow up.

As we visit with and care for our grandparents, and loved ones as they grow older or experience various illnesses, I feel deep gratitude for all caregivers and caretakers who show kindness, love, and helpfulness to persons who may need a little extra care.

As we observe persons who feed the homeless, provide meals for the food insecure, and/or provide shelter or other services for people in need, I feel deep gratitude for kind and helpful people who give freely of their time and resources to others.

Overall, I want to express my gratitude to all who give to others throughout the year.Thank you for the services you provide to us from our births to our deaths. My sincere thanks and deep appreciation to all the helpful people in our world.


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