Through Gratitude We Are Generous (STICKS Poem)

This is the season of generosity. My mother (Marian E. Blake) composed a poem, “STICKS – Four Men Sitting Around A Fire”, that captures this spirit and reminds us what will happen when we act with greed. Just like the season of Thanksgiving, the various religious practices during the month of December should be practiced year round, yet we seem to get busy with life and we forget about the importance of giving to others.

Sometimes “less” is more, so I will let the poem speak for me tonight, and end this posting here. Blessings to you. I continue to be grateful that you spend some time on “”


Note: For 100 of Marian’s poems, go to “A House Inside of Me Poetry by Marian E. Blake (2013) by Mary Blake Huer. Available on

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