Gratitude For Immortality

I am so grateful for my “Gratitude Stream”, my “moral virtues”, my parents instilled in me that I would like to share a bit with you. I believe that many people have a spiritual side and through such seek relief during times of illness and death, or when fearful, or worried. I also believe that we have “sacred portals” at specific moments throughout our life during which time we seek deeper explanations for particular events in our personal lives.

Personally, as a young child growing up, I observed my parents assisting many people because my parents were pastors. For my mother and father’s teachings I am deeply appreciative. In fact, as I grow older and watch tragedies emerge, I would like to share my parents’ wisdom with you, because I believe their words will give you peace and understanding too, during the stillness of the night.

My parents were old fashioned Baptist ministers for more than 65 years. My mother wrote beautiful poetry to comfort family members and friends when they lost a loved one. As we grieve the deaths from so many who have passed away, I wanted to share some of my mom’s thoughts with you – if it would help you during this time. My parents are long gone now, but their words and spirits live on in our memories and hearts, through the many poems I found in kitchen drawers, her pockets, and purses after she passed. Today, I offer this poem, Immortality, to help you through your own “sacred time” during your period of sadness:

“With a gentle nod and a wave of the hand,
She has entered into a heavenly land.
She left her belongings, her reality,
And took on a new one of immortality.

“Come home, child, come this hour,”
At last gravitation just lost it’s power.
When she opened her eyes, not made of clay.
The sights she saw are hard to relay.

There were angels and seraphs and a heavenly choir;

All bowed down before one,
The bright morning star.
There was singing and praising that filled all the air;
And the saints of all ages were most everywhere.

The gates were of pearl and the streets were of gold;
The splendor of Heaven, what a sight to behold!
So, I would not have you weep for me,
Beside my vacant chair;
If you could know the joys I feel,
You would not want me there.

© Marian E. Blake, 1999
Excerpt From: A House Inside of Me: Poetry by Marian Elsie Blake (2013) by Mary Blake Huer.” Apple Books. Available in print, on Kindle, and video/audio through iBook.

It seems to me that what people want the most during times of deep sadness is HOPE.

I think this poem gives one hope as it offers us Joy and positivity during our time of sadness.

This poem even tells us not to cry and not to feel too badly that our loved one has left us because where they have gone is “a sight to behold” with singing, and other joyful people, and “splendor”!

I appreciate the beautiful imagery provided within this verse. I can hear my mother’s words in my ears even as I type to you today, and if I were crying over the loss of someone I loved and missed dearly…. “Mary, can you not be happy for others? Now dry your sad eyes and celebrate for them!”

Thus, today I feel gratitude for immortality as my mother described. I hope you find peace and joy in her words as well. Blessings to you during your sacred time.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude For Immortality

  1. Charles Weber

    Your mother had a great mind for writing and could paint a great picture with words. This is an awesome ability I believe a lot of what your your mother wrote was inspired by your father. I have often thought at different places and times your mother had this great repore with people because of her writing abilities. I think she could tell and discribe so beautifully stories of the mind . There are very few people who have that ability.

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    1. Gratitude Squared Post author

      Thank you Charles. I know mom thought highly of you and your family. We miss all of them now but through my mother’s words I feel they are still with us!



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