Gratitude For Simplicity

Gratitude is beautiful. Gratitude is simple. Gratitude is free. Gratitude feels good. Gratitude may be shared or solo. Gratitude brings joy. Gratitude is happiness. Gratitude may be given.

But, lately when watching the recent tornados, when watching our politicians, when reading social media, and/or when watching the news it feels like I am at threat of losing Gratitude, so I seek directions or wisdom to help me hang on.

I am reminded within a fortune cookie that “everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” My mind reflects upon an extension to “Gratitude may be found in everything, but not everyone finds it.” So, as I sit in the stillness of my room, I look up the definition of “simplicity” which means something that is easy to understand or do, or something that is natural.

When watching the photos of the tornados, I search for the good people, the helpers, the first-responders and I find gratitude there. When I scan social media, I look for photos of nature, or animals, or babies, or poetry and music, and I find gratitude there. With regard to the news, I learned that Hoda Kotb on NBC morning news just returned from a week at a retreat when they took everyone’s cell phones away. I think it is a good idea to cut back on time with our electronic devices and, rather, spend more time with people we love and care about, and who love us.

So, I am relearning that Gratitude is simple. My choice to listen, look, focus on, and turn on and off technology is mine. This is easy to understand. It is actually natural to see people and smile and feel shared pain and/or happiness whether the news is bad, or good.

Gratitude is simple. I need to remember that.

Gratitude may be found everywhere, everyone needs to remember to find it.

Gratitude is your choice.


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