Guide to Gratitude

Let me express my sincere gratitude to each of you for continuing to follow my “Guide to Gratitude” through The featured image above is my hand drawn idea for this site that I sketched in February of 2021 when this site was launched.

I selected the term “gratitudesquared” because I believe that “gratitude” is multiplied when shared and experienced, and such has certainly been the case through this site. To date, after 174 posts, 6,759 views, and with 3,004 different visitors, and 128 followers throughout 64 countries, we (you with me) are sharing “gratitude” around us wherever we may live. I am so deeply touched by your comments, emails, texts, and conversations with me. Thank you.

If you look at my hand drawn idea above, you will see that when one gives “gratitude to another” it is a gentle exchange, a gift, something great or grand, may be God sent through all his/her glory, when two or more people gather together.

Further, that act of “giving gratitude” is often gleeful, gracious, grounded in some emotion, may cause growth on each other’s part, may be compared and contrasted with growing a garden of gratitude, and may be overseen and sent by God from one to another to accomplish a known or unknown purpose or goal.

Just think about that!

Gratitude is a free gift that we exchange with each other!

What have we learned about “Gratitude” within only one year? We have learned that gratitude is deeply personal and also shared. Gratitude may be fleeting or long lasting. Gratitude may be serious or fun. Gratitude stems from our moral values at times, but also emerges from momentary pleasure at other times.

Thus far, my postings fall into twenty-four (24) different categories as each of us seek gratitude in different areas of our lives. Many of you love pet and animal postings. These are fun and we pet owners love and share these moments with each other. Remember, I am dividing my posts by depth of topic. Thus, I have #gratitudezero or simple/surface levels of gratitude/pleasure, #gratitudelite or somewhat thought provoking expressions of gratitude that might cause one to ponder a moment and reflect on someone’s action or comment or kindness and so forth, and finally #gratitudeultra or the more academic expressions or conversations regarding the emotionality within gratitude, or the motivation behind gratitude, or how one interpreted gratitude.

There are cultural underpinnings as well as spiritual origins of gratitude. If you select one category, my site will sort only those posts within that category and let the reader find only those postings related to joy, or family, or nature for example. Feel free to sort and read as many categories as you wish, or read the postings in any order you prefer. Some postings are audio so you may listen rather than read. Some are more visual for persons who prefer to see gratitude rather than read about it. There is no beginning or ending to this site. Rather, this site is built for various readers/persons with different learning styles and preferences.

While initially this site may appear “random”, it is exactly by design because “gratitude is deep and wide”. It is not limited to one category, one cultural experience, or one event. Nor is gratitude defined by any one person, group, or subject matter.

Gratitude is deeply personal.

Gratitude may appear “serendipitous” or “motivated by health issues”, or emerge when a “portal” opens in one’s life.

Gratitude is great fun to observe and experience.

Gratitude is joy; Gratitude is happiness; Gratitude is emotional;

Gratitude is everlasting.

As we enter into this second year along our path to gratitude, I welcome you to walk beside me to a joyful life with all it’s glory; through a gentle garden with gracious acts of kindness along the pathway; experiencing your own human growth potential as you give and receive to/with others.

Thank you for sharing gratitude along the way!


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