Gratitude For Clarity Re: Tooth Pain Management

Last week my tooth started to ache. I tried Acetaminophen then Ibuprofen tablets… a little relief. During the weekend the pain increased from a one to a ten… the earlier tablets provided no relief. My brother suggested I take an antibiotic in case I was developing an infection. I took only one pill … immediate relief!

On Monday, I went to a dentist who immediately sent me to an Endodontist. When that doctor asked which tooth? I reported that every tooth in my mouth and head and more seemed to be painful over the weekend, but one antibiotic pill seemed to give me immediate relief. He said, “that is the tell-tale sign of a bacterial infection!” He showed me an image similar to the one featured above.

See the tooth (in above image) marked with the ‘red’? You will also see the nerve from that single tooth goes to a main nerve branch and the consequence may be pain throughout your mouth, jaw, sinuses, eyes, head, and beyond! Wow… at that moment, I was so grateful for a new understanding and differentiation of tooth pain. The image looked like a skull with little worms climbing all over it. It reminded me of a horror film. I was stunned at the pain caused from one tooth to one nerve and all the branches from such. I get it!

The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics which the pharmacist described as “horse pills” . These magical pills are prescribed for a course over several days before the dental work may actually begin.

I am so grateful for that visual image shown to me to explain “why” I had so much pain, and “why” I needed the proper medication to manage that pain. Pain is different/differs and is dependent on the origin/cause(s) of such pain(s). Pain management is a science.

As you may or may not remember, I was seriously ill several years ago and thus far have beat the odds from those earlier health issues. Over the weekend and again to the dentist I exclaimed, I am NOT about to let a little tooth take me out!

I am so happy I learned about tooth pain management! I find great satisfaction when I look at the above image of the nerves covering my face because through that image I have an understanding of “why” I felt such pain from a simple tooth! I have deep gratitude for medications and the applications/uses for such.

Give gratitude for pills!

Give gratitude for pain management!


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