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What is Your Life’s Light?

As I examined the wooded setting of Airy the RV in the photo above, I found pleasure in the breaking of dawn through the trees, as well as in the lit underbelly of the coach. Both types of lighting touched my mind’s eye and I asked why? One light protected me near the the RV, while the other protected my early morning drive from deer leaping, or hikers walking.

One light is man-made and artificial; the other is God made and natural. Jill Harness noted on hunker.com that there are several differences between natural and artificial light, between firelight and candle light, and fluorescent bulbs, flashlights, or sunlight. There are a surprising number of differences between light sources found in nature versus electronic sources.

The intensity of light, the duration of light, and

the amount of light is only under your control with artificial lighting.

I made a note to myself to ask “Do I have control of my life’s light?”

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How Do You Follow Your Pathway When It is Covered By Snow?

The weather across a large part of the USA is terrible this week. Flights are cancelled. Power is out. Huge snowfalls are predicted. People are forced to stay in their homes. Freezing temperatures are ruining RV travel. Things are a mess! So, how in the world do you find gratitude during times like these?

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