When I asked “Siri” “What is the purpose of water”, she replied “The answer I found is nuclear reactor coolant”! I expected something different, like to sustain life etc. But, upon reflection, I think Siri gave me an appropriate reply, as recently the people in Texas experienced freezing temperatures, power loss, and contaminated water.

Even as I write this post today, people are lining up to get packages of water to take their medications, brush their teeth, cook, and more. The situation makes me feel sad. I am sure that although the people of Texas feel gratitude when they receive their water allotment, they are exhausted, fatigued, tired, angry, and saddened at their situation – feelings, after all the time that has passed like a nuclear reaction. Powerful angry, worn out emotions!

I loved this old photo I found in my dad’s things from the 1940’s or 1950’s probably.

A little boy is leaving the church service and getting a drink of water out of the old pump out back. This little boy captures the importance of water for all of us, humans and animals, and plants, and planet.

I am afraid that most of us get so busy during our everyday lives that we take so much for granted until we lose it. I admit that I do not think much about water when I take a shower, brush my teeth, take my pills, cook, or do laundry.

Each day when I watch the people in Texas line up to get water, I feel moved emotionally. I feel grateful that I have water. I feel sad that they still do not.

I remember the water issue in Flint Michigan (2014-2019). I also know about the droughts around the world (North Korea, Panama Canal, and China to name a few). A review of history reveals the mid-1930’s drought that transmitted measles, influenza, and a fungal lung disease in the Great Plains of the US Midwest and Canada. See Douglas Broom, 5 droughts that changed human history on

So, as I sit here writing it is pouring down rain now. I invite you to THINK WATER, and THINK GRATITUDE!

This is #gratitudelite. See the post on February 28, 2021 for a definition of the categories of gratitude.

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