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Water, Ocean, Waves Spells WOW!

I love water…. I love all water…. the ocean is particularly fascinating and complex to watch as the waves change. Water is, at times, peaceful. On the other hand, water can be dangerous as during storms, when waterspouts form. What I would describe as “angry water” is noted during downbursts or microbursts, when squalls or gusts form from sharp shifts in wind direction. I love to visit the waves after a storm.

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When I asked “Siri” “What is the purpose of water”, she replied “The answer I found is nuclear reactor coolant”! I expected something different, like to sustain life etc. But, upon reflection, I think Siri gave me an appropriate reply, as recently the people in Texas experienced freezing temperatures, power loss, and contaminated water.

Even as I write this post today, people are lining up to get packages of water to take their medications, brush their teeth, cook, and more. The situation makes me feel sad. I am sure that although the people of Texas feel gratitude when they receive their water allotment, they are exhausted, fatigued, tired, angry, and saddened at their situation – feelings, after all the time that has passed like a nuclear reaction. Powerful angry, worn out emotions!

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A Deep Gratitude Soak

In an earlier post (Your Choice: Gratitude Zero, Gratitude Lite, or Gratitude Ultra) I ended by suggesting we were going to take a “deep gratitude soak” into the depths of the spectrum of gratitude waters. So I went to dreamstime.com to search for open source photos of “soaking in water”. At that site I found beautiful photos of people soaking in pools, in tubs, in the ocean, lakes, and so forth. I also found animals soaking in the waters or the sun, as well as people soaking their hands or feet, and soaking vegetables before cooking, or putting Easter eggs in water to color the eggs. Some of the photos were so unique that I place them within this post for your review and enjoyment.

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What Are You Waiting For?

This morning I stood on the pier and watched all the surfers waiting in the water for the perfect wave to catch. They waited a long time, then tried one, and it passed over them. Next one guy tried again. Several guys had a few brief runs. Others sat on their boards in the water, relaxing, watching, and learning about the ocean; looking for the best wave of the day to try again. Apparently, surfers love this process.

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What’s the Difference Between Joy and Happiness?

Please focus on the single beam of light projected onto the beach this morning just as day breaks (see the photo above). Out of the vast array of topics on which we might focus today, let’s focus on finding/seeking “joy” in our life which may sometimes feel like the little beam above.  Personally, I tend to like to focus on joy more than happiness because joy is a deeper emotion.

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