Precious Memories: Gratitude Is Free

My dad was a minister of a fundamentalist church so he was against dancing. He was against dancing because, during his generation, he felt it would lead to “problems” when dating, although before he became a paster he won dance contests (Charleston etc.) and was a wild guy. This photo captures the love between my parents during their twilight years in privacy. I am so happy I have this photo.

My mom loved to sew and when she and dad were retired, and alone, she would often come down the hallway, interrupt my father from his TV, and twirl a bit to give him a style show of whatever she had created that day with lace around necklines, ribbons, ruffles, and so forth. She was famous for all the hats she made (the sun was her enemy), and the large necklines she required due to allergic reactions. My dad would smile, compliment her, and clap and she would return with a new outfit she created for his review. I love these memories.

My dad loved to watch ballgames, and my mom thought that men wasted their time watching other men play with various balls of different shapes and sizes. My dad offered my mom $10 to watch a ballgame with him one day. She loved it as she was very frugal, sewing all our clothes, gardening, freezing, and canning our food. My mom cleaned up with all the $10 bills she made from my dad. I think he stopped it fairly soon as he was tight with his money too. As a pastor, he worked most of his life for “free will offerings” from the churches.

I share these memories with you because the joy my parents experienced was free. They did not have a lot of material possessions to make them happy. Their happiness came from within.

I invite you today to find your gratitude that is “free”. Even in our materialistic society in the USA, joy often comes for “free”. Just wanted to share this thought with you during this tough time of the pandemic.


Celebration of 50th Wedding Anniversary

This is #gratitudelite. See the post on February 28, 2021 for a definition of gratitude categories.

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