Experience Gratitude Through Your Senses

Along our journey to gratitude, let’s experiment today with sight and sound, versus reading the printed text, or viewing static photos. All of you will find your joy through a variety of meaningful methods, particular to you. In the USA, most people live inland, away from the ocean. Some of you see beautiful mountains, some see the Great Plains, or lakes, rivers, and streams. Many live in densely populated cities with tall buildings and little light.

All of the places in which you spend your time are special, unique, memorable, and important to you.

To bring a bit of variety to those of you who are not near any coast, I invite you to enjoy a bit of sight and sound from the west coast, Southern California during the month of March.

How many surfers do you see in the ocean this day?

Here is another video to bring you “sights” and “sounds” today. How do these videos make you feel?

I have not yet learned to transfer tastes, touch, or smells to you through these posts, but if you use your imagination, you might expand your sensory experiences today when viewing the ocean. Imagine your special places…. Shall we travel to the mountains next, the plains, or a large city?

Gratitude is built, sometimes, through our memories. Where do your memories take you to gratitude?

A moment for gratitude…

This is #agratitudelite. See the February 28, 2021 post for a description of gratitude categories.

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