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Experience Gratitude Through Your Senses

Along our journey to gratitude, let’s experiment today with sight and sound, versus reading the printed text, or viewing static photos. All of you will find your joy through a variety of meaningful methods, particular to you. In the USA, most people live inland, away from the ocean. Some of you see beautiful mountains, some see the Great Plains, or lakes, rivers, and streams. Many live in densely populated cities with tall buildings and little light.

All of the places in which you spend your time are special, unique, memorable, and important to you.

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Precious Memories: Gratitude Is Free

My dad was a minister of a fundamentalist church so he was against dancing. He was against dancing because, during his generation, he felt it would lead to “problems” when dating, although before he became a paster he won dance contests (Charleston etc.) and was a wild guy. This photo captures the love between my parents during their twilight years in privacy. I am so happy I have this photo.

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What Are You Waiting For?

This morning I stood on the pier and watched all the surfers waiting in the water for the perfect wave to catch. They waited a long time, then tried one, and it passed over them. Next one guy tried again. Several guys had a few brief runs. Others sat on their boards in the water, relaxing, watching, and learning about the ocean; looking for the best wave of the day to try again. Apparently, surfers love this process.

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